Through church history, various forms of church polity and structure have been employed. At Cornerstone, we choose to lead according to a structure of elders and deacons. Elders provide spiritual leadership to our Body, giving special attention to vision, teaching, and overall spiritual health of Cornerstone. Deacons provide practical leadership to Cornerstone, giving special attention to ministry, service and care for needs within our Body.

Jay McCumber, Pastor of Teaching and Regional Leadership

Son. Husband. Sheri. Dad. Trey. Christy. Ben. Scotch-Irish. Soccer dad/coach. Reader. Leader. Vision. Fun. Music. C.S. Lewis. Damien Rice. Piano. Philly sports. Tolkien. Golf hacker. The Office. Mac. Coffee. Madeleine L’Engle. Rembrandt. Pennsylvanian. Twizzlers. Billy Joel. Guitar. Imagination. Basketball. Travel. Red meat. 30 Rock. Plasterer. Preacher. Night owl. Former youth pastor. Love Lebanon. Trees in winter. Travis’ art. Highways. 222. Seer. Word. The Walking Drum. SportsCenter. 90’s music.

Matt Hershey, Church Pastor

Son. Husband. Courtney. Dad. Caleb. Savannah. Samuel. the Church. Bridge. In Lebanon. 8th Street. Runner. Wiggles-Wanna-Be. Beach. Cool Geek. Cyclist. Checkbook Balancer. Chipotle. John. Mouse Hunter. Spandex. City. Sliced Cheese. Lance Armstrong. Dancer. Binge Reader. Denver. Domer. a-Cultural. Hot Cider. Fall. Order. Mustard Seed. See. Believe. Remember.

Justin Ryan Boyer, Worship Architect

Son. Husband. Naomi. Father. Eden. Milana. Brother. just little king. orthodox mystic. art of sanctification. curator. priest. alchemist. sinews. discipleship via structure. liturgy. church history. forgiven. redeemed. abstract. in repair. extroverted introvert. rewired. travel. Fight Club. Little Miss Sunshine. The Beaver. Breaking Bad. Aaron Strumpel. Gungor. anything Bruegel. currently prophetic radio. West Coast. chips and salsa. indie-theologian. pathfinder. send me. chai. adventure trips. second chair.

Sheri McCumber, Coordinator of Nurture

Bride. Mother. Beauty. 80s music. Tudor history. People. My bed. Bargains. Deep. Complex. Adam Sandler. Mystery. Love. Internal hippie. The Office. Sweet Surrender. Art. Chocolate. Runner. The Other Boleyn Girl. Presence. Home. Family. Good food. Swimming. Color. Laughter. 30 Rock. Adventure. Learning. Changing. Growing. Loving.

D. Jay Martin, Pastoral Ministry Intern

Son. Husband. Julie. Coach. Gracie. Worship. Guitar. Martin Guitar. Chariots of Fire. Little Britches. Philippines. Lebanon. St Louis. Soccer. Baseball. Basketball. Shoe store. Brother. Friends. Muse. Ocean. Scuba diving. Songwriter. Mangos. M Ward. Cardinals. City-walking. Rivers. Reading out loud.  Reading quietly.  Professional Child Wrestler.  Thursday Nights.  Pilgrimages.  Anticipation.  Waiting. Heart.  Home cookin with my baby.  Sea food.  Parks.  Neighbors.  The color blue.

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